Are You Not Seeing Results from Diet & Exercise?

Many of us spend countless hours at the gym and go through frustrating diets in pursuit of physical perfection.  Unfortunately, that perfection doesn’t come very easy for most.  Whether it is due to aging, genetics or other unidentified reasons, some people just aren’t able to shed that last stubborn layer of fat no matter how hard they try.  That's where The Image Enhancement Center can help.

We take traditional liposuction and elevate it to an art form.  Using a thorough knowledge of the human anatomy, the surgeon removes only select areas of fat deposits and/or depositing fat cells where more volume is desired.  In essence, we can methodically “sculpt” your tissue to give you the body you deserve and have always wanted.

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Look Slimmer and Trimmer Today

Traditional liposuction is rapidly becoming a procedure of the past. With the technologies we use there is no need to be put to sleep, and you can get back to your life with minimal recovery times and the body of your dreams.

We Provide Real Results

We see many patients who have literally achieved “no improvement” from traditional liposuction. If we are not confident we can make a visible and significant difference we will let you know, and not perform procedures that do not make a difference. 

Custom Treatment for Your Individual Needs

It's not uncommon for one patient to just need one type of liposculpturing, and another to need several different approaches to achieve their body goals. We know this well, and always sit down with every patient to create a custom-tailored plan to get you to the body you want and deserve.

Get the Look You Deserve.
You work out, eat healthy, and sacrifice to achieve the body you want and deserve. Treat yourself to that body today. Schedule your complimentary consultation.
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