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A high definition body contouring procedure, or Liposculpture,  involves advanced techniques where the surgeon selectively removes fat to enhance the overall muscular appearance of the patient. The biggest challenge for this technique is proper selection of candidates for the procedure.

All liposuction procedures are intended to target problem areas of fat that just don’t go away with extra time in the gym.  Basic liposuction—whether with or without laser, or ultrasound based technologies, focuses on reducing inches  i.e. decreasing the circumference and changing the shape of the individual.

Liposculpture, better defined as a hi definition body contouring procedure, takes this process to a higher level by selectively removing more fat and strategically leaving fat to create an artistically facilitated appearance that is more muscular and toned. We use the VASER® method, sometimes combined with laser methods, to create a new image not possible without advanced training and technology.

An appropriate candidate for a high definition body contouring procedure is usually not more than 30-40 pounds over weight.  However, we do use ‘hi def’ methods sometimes to improve the outcome of people who are more overweight.  The results achieved with these methods are often only seen in lean individuals with as little as 3-4% total body fat.

A high definition body contouring procedure takes considerably more time and skill and is therefore generally more expensive.  We have multiple procedure options available.  If you’re not local, ask for a Skype consultation and fly into Atlanta for our Gold Liposuction package.

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